Success Stories

Exercising was the main change, especially with one of our children who used to be a loner and would sit at home and watch TV, but now she is out playing to meet the activity challenge. It helped her with her social skills; she talked with other kids and became more alert as a result.Healthy Hero Parent



Participating Rotary Clubs drive the programme in local schools.  Here are the roles and tasks your club would need to carry out.

The Healthy Heroes Programme

To see how to start the programme in your area, and what's expected of your club.
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images/section_page_items/rotarians/rotarians_submenu_img_02.pngRole of Rotary Club

The key role of the sponsoring Rotary Club is to adopt one or more local schools as Healthy Heroes Schools.
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Initiating the programme

An example of the process to follow if your Rotary Club wants to be involved in the Healthy Heroes programme.

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Healthy Hints


You are entering the HEALTHY HINTS aWesoMe, SUPA cool, GREAT ideas space.
Prepare to have LOADS OF FUN!

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