Excerpt from Health Promoting Schools Magazine

December 13, 2022

The Healthy Heroes programme is a collaborative programme between schools and homes sponsored by Rotary Clubs.

This programme provides planning, which is based on achievement objectives from the

Health and Physical education curriculum, a website full of information (games, tips, websites, resources), as well as contacts to help you implement the programme. Hauora underpins the programme by providing opportunities for children to understand what it means to be happy and healthy people who can make their own decisions for a brighter future.

As a school, you can adapt the teaching and learning to fit your school’s values and community. At Banks Avenue School we were lucky to have the Rotary Club of Christchurch New Horizons sponsor us in implementing Healthy Heroes.

It is an encouraging, positive and rewarding programme which helps children learn how to become healthier people and get them into a routine to make their own decisions about a healthy future. It motivates families to spend time with each other, eat well, sleep better, exercise, and encourage their children to think of others as well as do things for themselves to grow their minds. It promotes children creating and maintaining happy and healthy lifestyles and habits for themselves, to set them up for a bigger and brighter future. Healthy people making healthy decisions!

???? The Five Challenges

Active Archie, Refreshed Rosie, Clever Kahu and Mealtime Millie’s challenges link with personal health and development, movement concepts and skills, challenging the children to eat healthy food, get enough sleep, stretch their minds and exercise daily. Helpful Hemi challenges children to help others which links to relationships with other people as well as healthy communities and environments.

 It helped me go to bed on time and I like getting energy for the next day.

New Entrant child.

I like helping people when they are busy.

Year 1 child.

The rewards were motivations for the others who hadn’t been completing the challenges and this got them into the HH routine also. 

Year 3 teacher.

Easy programme for parents, children and teachers to follow.

Year 1 teacher.