The goal is to meet the five challenges, five days a week. Track achievement:

  • Earn five points per day (one point per day per challenge)
  • Use weekends to make up for any challenges not met during the week.
  • This means the goal is to score 25 points during the week.
  • The school will decide how many weeks the programme will run which can be between five and nine weeks.
  • If more challenges have been done more than five days a week,  scores up to 35 points per week (five points x seven days) can be achieved.

One point per day per challenge. The kids could draw a ladder or thermometer to record their points or they can be printed from Teacher Resources.

Arrange an event, e.g., shared lunch, movies to celebrate the end of the programme. Present a Certificate of Achievement to those who achieve the required number of points (number of weeks x 25) and a Participation Award to those who did not achieve the required number of points. These can be downloaded from Teacher Resources. If your school has an association with a Rotary Club, you could invite a member(s) along to present these.