Healthy Heroes – It’s Fun, It’s Free & Cross-Curricular

June 13, 2024

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How It Works

Healthy Heroes is a 5-week 5 challenge cross-curricular programme for schools where teachers, parents, and students build healthy habits to last a lifetime. The five challenges relate to physical activity, eating, sleep, stretching the mind, and doing things for others. Each challenge is promoted by one of  5 fun characters. Mealtime Millie, Active Archie, Refreshed Rosie, Clever Kahu, and Helpful Hemi.

What Is It?

Healthy Heroes is a multi-level collaborative programme between the school and home and uses excellent ideas and key competencies from across the curriculum. Hauora underpins the programme by providing opportunities for students to understand what it means to be a happy and healthy person who can make their own decisions for a bright future. Schools are encouraged to adapt their teaching to fit in with their school and community values. 


Healthy Heroes is not an additional programme to teach and teachers are encouraged to integrate it into their planning around existing subject areas they teach.

Students will really enjoy the five characters as they relate to the subject matter and to student questions. Teachers decide which teaching units to integrate, what the characters represent, and adapt the programme to suit. Healthy Heroes will also motivate families to spend more time with each other and encourage students to grow their minds and do things for others as well as maintaining happy, healthy lifestyles for a bigger, better and brighter future. 

Healthy Heroes TELLING LIVES

What Teachers & Students Are Saying

I like helping people when they are busy.

We definitely have a winner. All parents and teachers endorse the programme.

I believe in this programme and I love that the students relate to it, to each of the icons and you can customise it for your class and your community.

Many thanks to Rotary for this easy-to-follow programme.

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