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I’m Clever Kahu!

Stretching your mind by doing fun things like reading, making art, playing music, learning a new language, or playing brain games like Kahoot, Cranium, or chess are great to keep the brain working.

Reading is:

  • A great way to stretch your mind
  • An easy way to improve your spelling and writing
  • An easy way to have fun: you can take them anywhere and they don’t need power, batteries, or the internet.
  • You can read anywhere, sitting on the beach, lying on the couch, standing on the bus. Anywhere you like! Except maybe under water…!
  • Every book you read makes you a more interesting person. It teaches you new skills, or new words, or something else about how the world ticks.
  • A book can take your mind to exciting places you’ve never been. The library is free, go and sign up and set off on an adventure through the wonderful world of books!

Stretching your mind helps you:

  • Have fun
  • Have a healthy mind
  • Be confident learning new things, everyone starts at the beginning!
  • Learn new stuff, and then start learning new stuff faster. It gets easier!
  • Grow a nice big healthy brain
  • Not get bored
  • Find out how things work
  • Know more about the world and other people.

Click on these ideas

Books are best!

Do you know where your closest library is? Go and sign up and get out some books!

Titi Torea

Play Titi Torea, a traditional Maori stick game.

Give poetry a go

You could start by making an acrostic poem about yourself.

Draw a picture of you as a super healthy hero!

Learn how to say hello in three different languages

A good way to get started is to greet your classmates in their own language: imagine the surprised looks on their faces!

A kite

Make and fly a kite, this can tick off two challenges in one!


Learn to juggle with your family!

Learn an instrument

Guitar, Violin, Flute or even Drums! Give it a go!

Play Sudoku

See if you can do the one in the newspaper, or complete one here

Want more ideas?

2-in1 activities

General activities

Get two challenges ticked off at once!

Physical activity + help someone

  • Learn to ride a bike
  • Learn to throw
  • Learn some of these greetings in Te Reo
  • Sing along and learn the words to your favourite song on the radio
  • Learn a new waiata
  • Paint a picture of something you love
  • Paint a kōhatu (stone) and unleash your inner artist!
  • Get crafty and make a picture, mosaic, scrapbook, or jewellery
  • Ask if you can use a camera or phone, and take some photos in the garden
  • Learn to play a new game, have you tried chess? Scrabble? A crossword?
  • The family classic: monopoly!
Healthy Heroes

Stretch your mind

Parent Information

Try these ideas! If your child has challenges with reading and literacy, speak to their teacher.