How it Works

Parents & Caregivers

Every Healthy Hero needs a motivated support crew to spur them along!

The role of parents and family is vital—and very satisfying too. While the school leads the programme and will cover ideas for the challenges, the combined effort of parents, caregivers and children are vital. Here’s what’s involved.

Healthy Heroes

Getting the most out of the programme

Home is where all the good stuff happens, where the habits of a lifetime are made. The Healthy Heroes challenge works best when everyone at home is on board. Parents and caregivers need to help, encourage and support the children but the challenge is with the children to follow the programme.

Feedback from Parents

Mum said their family would keep on going with Healthy Heroes. It reminded them of what they had to do, and helped them know what was good for their health.

Exercising was the main change, especially with the daughter (then aged 6) who used to be a loner, and would sit at home watching TV, but now was out playing, to meet the activity challenge. It helped her with her social skills, she talked with other kids and became more alert as a result.

The programme has brought us closer together as a family. Each day we discuss what they have been doing at school. We talk it through each week.

Ben started playing chess with his Dad (and other board games), and both children read books. Healthy Heroes has brought the family together with quality time, having fun.

For me it became a time of showing the children how to help about the house. Now they have formed habits of doing things. They now help to cook meals, even roast chicken, quite a responsibility. I couldn’t speak too highly of Healthy Heroes, a fabulous programme.

Has made the kids more aware, and do their own thinking about the food they eat. It is still there. They think for themselves. It is a very good programme.

A good programme to get the kids into good habits.

Sleeping better, happier

He eats more fruit and veggies. Having fun together without technology

Healthier snacks, regular sleeping patterns and overall moods improved

Healthy Heroes

How to join

Think Healthy Heroes is just what your kids need? Talk to your kid’s teachers. If the school is not yet running the programme:

  1. Ask the teacher to consider running the programme in your school
  2. The principal will then appoint a Healthy Heroes School Coordinator
  3. Teachers will send out information to parents on how the programme will be run and the part parents need to play in helping their child be a Healthy Hero


There are ideas and resources for helping your child meet their challenges under the five challenges menu.