Teacher Contacts

These teachers have delivered the programme and are happy to answer questions or provide advice.

Jan Thompson  |  Deputy Principal,Senior School Teacher,
ICT Co-ordinator
Pareawa Banks Avenue School
03 3854163
022 632 8804
[email protected]

Chelsea-Jane Roycroft  | Junior School Teacher
Waitakiri School
03 383 2736027 238 3343
[email protected]

Colin Hill | Senior School Teacher
Sports Co-ordinator
Linwood Avenue School
03 389 9253 Ex 702
021 1516538
[email protected]

Online resources

The following resources are excellent and a big help in delivering the programme. Due to copyright restrictions they cannot be reproduced, but are well worth a look.

Healthy Eating

  • The Healthy Food Guide has an excellent teachers’ resource section (useful for parents too!) They also have a free eNewsletter service.
  • Food for thought is a free nutrition education programme for year 5 and 6 primary school students. Developed by nutritionists and teachers, you could use this to teach a unit in itself. It offers class resources, posters, and a Teaching Activities Framework with over 125 activities to cater to all students. The programme can organise a guided supermarket visit for your class, and a sponsored lunch where students can plan and prepare a well-planned, balanced, and nutritious shared lunch.
  • The heart foundation website has a fun Kid’s Kitchen section with a collection of easy recipes and fun food activities. It also has education programmes and resources.
  • The UK-based Food a Fact of Life website has a wealth of free resources on healthy eating, cooking and food aimed at young people from 3-18 years old. It includes food science, classroom activities, posters, and recipes all aimed at different age bands.
  • This US-based site Fuel up to Play 60 has a wealth of information on healthy eating and physical activity.


  • The inspired treehouse has a library of activities for children, focussing on the child development
  • Shape America has heaps of indoor physical activity ideas and a large Teacher’s Toolbox with heaps of activity ideas, lesson plans, and templates for a variety of areas and student age groups.


  • The highly-acclaimed and Canterbury-made Sparklers website consists of 36 classroom activities that teachers can use to help their year 1-8 students feel calmer, happier, and more ready to learn. The activities take between 10 minutes and 1 hour, are aligned with the school curriculum, and cover a wide range of wellbeing topics including managing emotions, living in the moment, being grateful, and showing kindness.
  • What’s Up is a fantastic website to introduce your class to. It is a free online chat or phone service for kids and teenagers to talk to someone (a trained counsellor) about anything at all. The main website has tips to help kids deal with their emotions.
  • This US website KidsHealth in the Classroom has free teacher health-based resources, such as experiments with the senses, tools to promote reading readiness, and easy ways to incorporate daily physical activity into the classroom.
  • NZ Police material on bullying is available as well as some US-based resources and articles on bullying can be found here and here.
  • The Ministry of Education website has useful information on the Hauora wellbeing unit, including the wellbeing whare.