Eat Healthy Foods

Mealtime Millie


I’m Mealtime Millie!

All foods are great as part of a balanced diet. It’s about getting that balance part right! Can you challenge yourself to be like me and eat three veggies and two pieces of fruit each day?

Eating fruit and veggies helps you:

  • Get the fuel your body needs
  • Concentrate and learn
  • Get energy
  • Stay healthy and not get sick
  • Have a healthy weight

Click on these ideas

Think you don't like salad?

Learn how to make a salad with vegetables you like. Think you don’t like salad? Browse the Salad Lobby

Growing food at home

Your local council website might have lots of information relevant to where you live. Check out the Edible Christchurch page for information on how to get started.

Find free food

Many towns have a map of where you can forage for fruit and vegetables from public places. Take a look at this site, your town may have one like it.

Say what you like

Talk to your family about what you like for lunch. Get involved with choosing what goes on the shopping list.

Online games

Go on a MyPlate adventure! Play online games and learn about food at the same time.

Plant vegetables

Grow your own food! Start a veggie garden. Get some ideas on how from Kidspot.

Kids' Kitchen

Pick an activity or food idea in Kids’ Kitchen.

Do the groceries

Ask if you can go to the supermarket when it’s time to do the shopping so you can pick the fruit you like.

Check out the Healthy Rap!

Want more ideas?

2-in1 activities

Get two challenges ticked off at once!

Physical activity + help someone

  • Does your school have a community garden?
    Find out if you can help water or weed it!


Physical activity + stretch your mind

  • Learn to grow your own vegetables
Healthy Heroes

Eat Healthy Foods

Parent Information

It can be challenging to know what balanced nutrition looks like.
Take a look at these ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your family.
The bottom of the page has links to help fussy eaters and cut back on sugar.

Other helpful resources

  • Kids are more likely to eat healthily if they’re involved in the preparation and understand how healthy food helps their bodies. Pick an activity or food idea in Kids’ Kitchen to do with your child.
  • Let Lindsay tell you why she loves salad. It saves her time, mess and money
  • Eat for health is a website with many resources, posters, and brochures on eating guidelines
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Health Info

For more information on healthy eating with your child, see other useful Healthinfo pages.

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