How it Works


Healthy Heroes is a Rotary initiative involving schools, families, and Rotary Clubs.

The Rotary District Healthy Heroes Committee welcomes your enquiries.

If you have questions or would like to talk about the programme, via a phone call or Zoom, please email one of the following Rotarians listed below. Please include your phone number and Rotary Club, and we will contact you.

How It Works

The Programme The School The Family
• Aims to build lasting habits of health, safeguarding children against obesity and type 2 diabetes, and helping to build self-responsibility and caring attitudes toward others.
• Is uniquely holistic and is based on five challenges for children for at least 5 days each week over 5 to 9 weeks.
• Teachers integrate the programme concepts into their teaching units and use the provided resources in a way that complements the curriculum.
• Appoints a Heathy Heroes Coordinator.
• The parent(s)/caregiver(s) encourage and support their child/children to achieve the five challenges.

The Role of The Rotary Club

  • Decides to sponsor the programme in one or more schools.
  • Appoints a member to be the Club’s Healthy Heroes Coordinator.
  • The coordinator, and possibly other members, goes through the entire website as many times as needed to become knowledgeable about the programme.
  • The coordinator makes an appointment to discuss the school’s involvement in the programme. This could be with the principal, deputy principal, health teacher or a member of staff the club has contact with.
  • If the school agrees to participate in the programme advise the Healthy Heroes Committee via the Connect with Us link on the website

During the programme:

  • Maintain contact with the school Healthy Heroes Coordinator.
  • Arrange for a few members to make an occasional prearranged visit to the school to see what the children have been doing.
  • Present certificates at the end of the programme.
  • Enquire if there are any ways the Club can provide assistance to the school.
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The Rotary District Healthy Heroes Committee welcomes your enquiries.

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